Mission Impossible III

This was the first Mission Impossible movie I have actually sat down and watched. Overall I was entertained the whole time and enjoyed the over-the-top action stunts. While these stunts were exciting to watch, there is always the question of if they are possible or realistic.

The first scene I will be analyzing is the scene where Ethan Hunt goes to save his wife and calls Benji to find out where she is. Benji tracks her location to learn that she is in a building 1 mile away, or about 1609 meters. The time it takes Ethan to get there is roughly 110 seconds. This would mean Ethan would have had to been running at an astounding 14.62m/s, or 33mph. This is an absurd measurement due to the fact that Olympic runner, Usian Bolt, who is considered the fastest man on Earth, peaks at around 28 mph.

The next scene I will be analyzing is the moment when secret agent, Ethan Hunt, decides the only way to retrieve the "rabbits foot", is to swing across from one skyscraper to another in Sh…